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Buy Belviq is the name for a medication called Lorcaserin hydrochloride that is currently being used as an trial to treat obesity.

This medication helps with obesity because it acts as an appetite suppressant. When the patients are able to have less hunger sensations this will eventually cause them to be able to lose weight. This happens because when less food is being digested into the body this means the individual is consuming less and the result is a weight loss that is noticeable.

This happens because the buy Belviq can control the sensors in the body that control hunger, appetite, and metabolism. There was another drug on the market that had the same effect, but it became known that it causes heart damage and has since then been banned in the market. That is why there is so much excitement about this drug. It is known to have very effective results and there has not been any evidence of people having any heart damage or problems of any kind. This is great news for the maker and the population of obesity people. There are still some people that disagree with using drugs and medications to combat obesity and other health issues.

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Now for a supplement, drug, medication or whatever they are called nowadays to be considered effective in treating obesity, it has to pass certain guidelines and it also has to be proven that it is safe. A company named Arena Pharmaceuticals has tested the product for several years and have declared that it is safe to use. They are also convinced at it's effectiveness to fight obesity and have said it is safe to for the public to use.

The side effects have been reported as such. The side effects tend not to be outrageous and are easy to deal with. The most common side effect was that individuals did experience headaches. Some of the other more common side effects were nausea, vomitting, dizziness, dry mouth and being fatigue. In most of the individuals that used it, the side effects disappeared after their bodies became use to using buy Belviq.

This drug has been approved by the FDA already, but the drug is required to have a DEA scheduling. This has kept a lot of investors on the edge of their seat and now the equity of the company appears to be stalled for a moment. It should still be launching in the beginning of March 2013 and the company will be judged on the sales and see what the people say and get the actual results.

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